How to Create Online Store for Free

The online market is getting bigger by the day. Many budding entrepreneurs are yearning to venture online and get a piece of the online cake. But, starting a successful business online store is not a child’s play. It requires knowing how and funds. Many would be entrepreneurs remain stranded for lack of the necessary resources. If you are among the stranded group, don’t worry because this article aims at people like you. Read carefully, and at the end of the article, you will have known how to create an online store for free.

The best online store builder

The first step to building your e-commerce website for free is to identify the best free online store builder. There are many e-commerce builders on the market, but we shall walk you through the five best free e-commerce website builders in the market. But before then, we had better bring you to speed on what to look out for when selecting the best e-commerce builder.

You can sell with your own e-commerce website in an easy, fast and effective way with Shopify. It is also very scalable and one of the best platforms in the industry nowadays.

  • Safety protocols

Due to an increase in online fraud, it is of utmost importance to settle for a website builder that provides top most security features. We recommend you go for online store builder that provides Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate. The SSL certificate offers a secure connection between the web server and the web browser meaning that all sensitive client information such as social security numbers, passwords, and credit card information is safe from hackers and other online criminals.

  • Site Design

When you create an online store, the design will impact on its performance. Make sure the website that you build is highly responsive. A responsive web design is one that is viewable across multiple devices from desktops, laptops, to tablets and smart phones. It is important for your website to have a user – friendly interface. Your clients should find it easy to navigate the site. It should also have a search feature to make it easy to access the products and any information.

Here are the best free e-commerce website builders

  • Shopify

Shopify is among the leading premium e-commerce website builders in the market. You can use the free version to create a stellar e-commerce platform for selling products online. Shopify features more than one hundred templates to help you build the e-commerce platform of your choice. They have 24/7 customer support and qualified experts that you can use to create online store. Shopify also has additional apps in their app store with additional features

  • BigCommerce

BigCommerce is another large e-commerce builder with 14 days free trial period that you can use to create your online store for free. It is a competitor to Shopify that has professional templates aimed at making it easy for you to create your free website. BigCommerce also has additional tools in their app store that you can purchase to make your site functional and fabulous.

  • WixeCommerce

Wixecommerce is yet another e-commerce website builder that you can use to build your online business store for free. With a WixeCommerce website builder, you can create a professional modern looking website that you can add products as well as tax and shipping settings. 

  • WeeblyeCommerce

Weebly eCommerce is a fantastic e-commerce website builder that you can harness to create a site for selling products online. You need to sign up, and you are on your way to building your online store. It provides you with the quickest and simplest way to create your website without spending money on a professional WordPress web designer.